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Vand | Placa sunet - TC Electronic Impact Twin

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TC Electronic Impact Twin FireWire Audio Interface

    2x mic preamps featuring Impact III technology,
    48V phantom thomann power
    Channel tools:- EQ, compressor and de-esser
    FireWire 800 compatible (adaptor included)
    direct monitor reverb
    quick front panel compressor access and feedback
    14/14 I/O (4x analog, 10x digital I/O)
    iCheck (mp3 integrity check)
    hi-Z guitar optimized inputs
    JetPLL jitter reduction
    sturdy design
    integrated guitar tuner
    bus powered
    includes power supply.
Includes M40 Reverb, ResFilter and Assimilator plug-ins plus

Dimensions: 235 x 63 x 241mm.
Weight: 1.5kg.

Pret : 1000 Ron.
contact: 0743858011
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